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Monday, July 31, 2017
By Joseph E Line
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No amount of poor piano practicing habits

can make up for just a few minutes of really good practicing.

HOW you practice is more important than HOW MUCH you practice. Here’s why …

The biggest enemy of smart practicing is impatience. Children and adults alike try daily to short cut their way through the practicing process just so they can “feel the music.” In their haste to be able to play their favorite piece of music, they often waste 90% or more of their practicing time trying things that simply don’t improve their playing at all.

There are no short cuts through the practicing process, but efficient practicing does allow some students to accomplish more in 15 minutes than others do in 2 or 3 hours, days or even weeks. How?

Here’s the secret: To be able to play the piano well, you need to master something every day you practice.

What do I mean by “master”? I mean the ability to play a chunk of music (hands separately or hands together):

  •         5 times in a row
  •         Memorized
  •         At full tempo
  •         Without error

It doesn’t matter if it is one measure or twenty. What counts is the mastery.

If, for instance, you have a 24-measure piece to learn, then master 4 measures every day and you will have learned the entire work in a week.

Remember: There is a fast way to learn a new piece of music or a slow way. Don’t get up from the piano bench until something is mastered. That’s the fastest and the smartest way to practice.


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