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Monday, July 24, 2017
By Joseph E Line
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FACT: most piano students waste most of their practice time doing things that do nothing to improve their piano playing?

Sad but true!  How do I know this?

After 45 years of piano teaching, I know that my students are like most piano students: they’re smart, but they’re also very busy with school work, sports, and various clubs and activities. In short: they are IN A RUSH to get through their piano assignments as quickly as possible. And in their haste, they accomplish very little.

How do I help them?

In my piano studio, I emphasize …


      1.  HOW you practice is much more important than HOW MUCH you practice.

      2.  HOW you practice today will determine what you will remember when you sit down to practice tomorrow.

      3.  Practice before you play

      4.  Master challenging music before easy music.

      5.  Master hands separately before hands together.

      6.  Master at slow tempos before attempting fast tempos.

      7.  Master small chunks of music before large chunks.

      8.  Master notes before expression.

Why do I keep emphacizing the word BEFORE?  The fact is, that most students, especially beginners and intermediates, don’t consistently follow these principles … or don’t know about them and they end up DOIING THE EXACT OPPOSITE … which ...

  • wastes most of their important practice time
  • gets them VERY FRUSTRATED … like this fellow.  

And the more frustrated a student pianist is, the more they are likely to quit before they've discovered the true joy of piano playing. And that's really sad!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing about WHY each principle is important and how each will greatly improve piano practicing efficiency. Stay tuned. 

You and your children can study with me in person if you live in the Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Parkland and Ft. Lauderdale areas of South Florida. Students can also take live interactive lessons with me over the internet from anywhere in the US.

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