What's the most important practicing goal? Ask Beethoven!
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Monday, July 17, 2017
By Joseph E Line
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One of my favorite quotes about practicing and performance - believed to be from Beethoven - is “Missing a note is unimportant; playing without passion is inexcusable.”

To me and to my students, it doesn’t matter if we are practicing piano or playing in a recital, the most important goal is always the same: to make music – to create something beautiful.


Let me explain.

Every measure and phrase in a piece of music contains something of real beauty that can be discovered if the student understands that THAT is the most important goal they should seek. Even something as small as a measure contains a glimpse of something beautiful – some interesting emotion or idea to be discovered.

But if the student is only looking to play the notes, rhythms or fingerings correctly, if they live only by the “practice makes perfect” slogan, then the joy of practicing will be lost and the only emotion they are likely to create is boredom.

I tell my students “Master something every day. Whether it is one measure or 20 … master it. And if you stay long enough with that passage of music - going beyond the notes, rhythms and fingerings - the beauty of the music will begin to emerge naturally. “

I confess that I’ve missed thousands of notes in recitals and other types of performances throughout my career as a pianist and organist. What professional musician hasn’t? But I have never missed an opportunity to play with passion. 


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