I have been teaching on-line lessons for more than 7 years. This means that I’ve worked out all the kinks so that studying with me online is virtually the same as studying with me in person. There are no pre-packaged lessons or videos. Each lesson is live and completely interactive.

Benefits of On-line one-on-one teaching:

On-line lessons allow students anywhere in the US, Canada and abroad to have their lessons in the comfort and privacy of their home. Besides convenience, this kind of personalized teaching allows for the same efficient and effective one-on-one learning as though I am in the room with you.
While I recommend weekly or twice weekly lessons for optimal results. All lessons are tailored to suit your needs.

How it works:

You and I need the same or similar technology so that we can see each other’s hands from above the keyboard and at the same time speak to each other face to face. Students must be 12 years of age or older. 

A good look at a real live interactive online lesson