Music theory is best learned at the keyboard, and I am qualified to tutor students at any level. An interview with me, either online or in person, is required so that I can determine your current level of knowledge and recommend a course of study tailored to your needs.


The ability to sing a piece of music in one or two tries is a fundamental musicianship skill. Students who wish to learn this skill must first demonstrate, in an online or in-person interview, the ability to carry a tune successfully and echo back various kinds of rhythms.


I offer a full program to develops a student’s ability to hear music in their head and to read music notation at the keyboard with increasing fluency. Students should be at least 8 years of age and should have had at least one or two years of prior piano study. Students do not have to be studying piano to take this course of study, although if they do study piano with me the sight reading and ear training will be incorporated into their piano lessons at no extra cost.


Advanced Placement Music Theory study is an intensive course designed for students who already have a substantial background in music and who wish to eventually pursue music at the collegiate level and beyond. A successful course of study can take from one to two years of weekly lessons depending on the number of lessons per week and the student’s dedication.

Prospective students need to be at least 13 years old and to have had some significant prior experience in Music Theory - especially keyboard theory. Ideally, students who have played either piano or some other melodic musical instrument (flute, trumpet, saxophone etc.) are well suited to handle the rigors of AP Music Theory assignments so long as they have a reasonable ability to get around a keyboard or piano with a good degree of confidence.

An online interview with me will determine if the student has the requisite skill and knowledge to pursue this course of study.

Tutoring with me in preparation for the AP Music Theory exam can be done either through On-line or In-Person Lessons.

  • On-line lessons: click here to see the requirements for on-line lessons.
  • In-person live lessons: click here to see the requirements for in-person lessons.


Sometimes a person studying music has a question about music theory that can be answered in one or two short coaching sessions. Contact me to schedule an appointment.